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Colorado Oil And Gas Task Force Finds Compromise Challenging

Eric Ewing pictured with his family outside of their home in Weld County, Colorado with a gas processing facility in the background.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force are meeting to find compromises around oil and gas drilling in the state. Members are hoping to settle on policy recommendations for the Governor and the legislature during two days of meetings early next week. Continue Reading →

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From ‘Fiscal Apocalypse’ To ‘Meh’ : Oil States Respond To Price Slide

Wyoming's State Capitol

Budgets of oil states are going to be hard hit by the recent slide in oil prices. Measured in dollars, Texas is the clear loser, but in terms of actual on-the-ground impacts, it’s not quite so simple. In the country’s number two oil producing state, North Dakota, falling prices have barely caused a ripple, while in Alaska (ranked fourth), lawmakers are calling it a “fiscal apocalypse.” Continue Reading →

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