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Wind Turbine Technician: The Country’s Fastest Growing Profession


Picture the wind turbine technician, a worker with a hard hat and climbing harness perched atop a tall white tower, making sure those power-generating blades are spinning just right. That job is the fastest growing profession in the country right now. Continue Reading →

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Four Insights From The New Director Of NREL

Martin Keller took over as Director of the National Renewable Energy Lab at the end of last November

The cost of wind and solar power have fallen dramatically in recent years.
Still, renewables only account for a fraction of the energy produced in the United States. One person confronting this issue sits in an office in Golden, Colorado.
His name is Martin Keller and he is the new boss at the National Renewable Energy Lab.
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Surviving The Oil Bust In West Texas

Kenny Scudder is the VPof Sales for Palmer of Texas. The company manufactures tanks for used to store oil and gas in the field. The company is one of hundreds of examples of smaller but properly capitalized energy companies hunkering down the until energy markets rebound.

In every downturn, there are survivors who position themselves for recovery. The price of crude oil is down by more than 70 percent since the summer of 2014. Oil and gas companies once flush with cash have cut exploration and decommissioned up to two thirds of their rigs. Many companies have gone under and hundreds of thousands of people are out of job. Continue Reading →

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Slumping Oil Prices And A West Texas Downgrade

This oilfield worker said heis glad to have a job. Hundreds of thousands of people in the energy industry have been laid off since the price of crude oil peaked in the summer of 2014.

Nearly a dozen west Texas cities, counties, hospitals and school districts are facing the possibility of a bond credit downgrade in the coming months by Moody's Investor Services, one of the country's "Big Three" ratings firms. That because those local institutions rely on energy-related tax revenue, which has fallen precipitously. And the possibility of a bond downgrade is a threat facing other oil and gas states as well. Continue Reading →

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Oklahoma Earthquakes: Who Pays?

A collapsed building in Cushing, Oklahoma, after several 4.0-range quakes rocked the area in
 late 2015.

New maps released by the U.S. Geological Survey reveal that seven million people are now living in areas at high risk for earthquakes. Not naturally occurring earthquakes but man-made - induced by oil and gas operations that pump wastewater deep underneath the ground. Parts of Oklahoma and Texas are at highest risk. Last year Oklahoma had more than 900 quakes, up from 3 in 2007. But homeowners have few options when they try to recoup damages from insurance companies or the oil and gas industry. Continue Reading →

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