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Who Owns Oil And Gas?

Here are the companies in a sample T. Rowe Price retirement account that represent more than 0.05% of the account's investments. The size each word is proportional to how much of the account's money is invested in that company. Oil and gas companies (not including utilities) are highlighted in orange.

Oil prices are slipping to levels not seen in years. It’s bad for oil companies, but it has to be good for consumers, right?
Well, yes, though, it’s more complicated than that. That’s because almost all of us with retirement accounts are invested in oil and gas companies. Continue Reading →

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In Colorado: Oil And Gas Polish Their Public Image

Anadarko's STIM Center consolidates the fracking operations of four well pads into one.

The oil and gas industry dodged a bullet this year in Colorado. A last-minute compromise avoided a series of ballot measures that could have seriously restricted the industry’s ability to operate in the state.
But, many Colorado communities are still leery about the drilling they see right outside their door. So, oil companies are working hard to polish their public image, both through messaging and improving their techniques. Continue Reading →

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More Money To Fight Over, More Money To Fight With: North Dakota Politics Transformed

North Dakotans for Common Sense Conservation, the official group opposing Measure 5, links to, the website sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute.

North Dakota has always been a friendly, easy place to vote. It is the only state in the country without voter registration, and precincts are small enough that poll volunteers often recognize people who come through the door. "It’s kinda like a reunion," said Bonnie Fix, who's been working elections here since 2001. "Kinda like a family picnic." Running for office in North Dakota has historically been equally low-key--and low budget, with winning candidates for state offices raising less than a few thousand dollars each. But the oil boom has changed all that. Continue Reading →

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