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O&G Task Force Sends Nine Proposals To Colorado Governor

Members of the Oil and Gas Task Force vote on recommendations Tuesday.

Votes have been tallied on over 50 proposals seeking to reduce conflicts between the public and the oil and gas industry. The Governor's Oil and Gas Task Force was able to send nine recommendations along. All passed with the two-thirds majority vote required. Continue Reading →

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Falling Oil Prices Leave Petroleum Engineering Students Out In The Cold

In Vladimir Alvarado's petroleum engineering class, there are no signs enrollment is shrinking, although job prospects are getting slim.

A year ago, a petroleum engineering degree seemed like the ticket to a bright and well-paid future. With six-figure starting salaries for a bachelor’s degree and endless optimism about the shale revolution, enrollment climbed rapidly in petroleum engineering programs across the country. But now that the oil price slide has turned to an oil price slump, the luster is wearing off. Continue Reading →

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Between Energy Development And The Ravens That Follow It, Sage Grouse Are In Peril


Several new studies show ravens are feasting on the eggs of another iconic bird -- sage grouse -- further threatening a species on the brink of extinction. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to control more ravens, lethally. Continue Reading →

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Wyoming Fights Back Against Federal Plan To Cut Carbon Emissions

With the Republican’s sweep of November’s midterm elections, they now hold majorities in both the House and the Senate. With this newfound power, blocking or delaying the Environmental Protection Agency's controversial proposal to cut carbon emissions is high on their agenda. Wyoming lawmakers, in particular, will have influence over energy policy in Washington: Senator John Barrasso is chair of the Senate Republican Policy, Rep. Cynthia Lummis is chair of a brand new Interior Subcommittee charged with overseeing the EPA, and Sen. Enzi was named Chair of the Senate Budget Committee. Inside Energy's Leigh Paterson reports on what's a stake for American coal:

Check out Leigh's radio story for more on Wyoming's contentious relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency. Continue Reading →

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