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The Future Of U.S. Energy, According To Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaks to a packed arena at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, ND.

With the help of a few more delegates from a handful of states, including North Dakota, Donald Trump finally gathered enough to clinch the republican nomination. And with that news, the official Republican Presidential nominee rolled into Bismarck, North Dakota on Thursday. Continue Reading →

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Getting Paid To Soak Up California Solar

On the trading floor of Arizona Public Service, all eyes are trained on the price of energy in California, especially when customer demand is low, but solar panels are producing the most power.

The people who run our electricity grids are trying to figure out what to do with solar and wind power that is generated when no one needs it. Take California – there’s enough solar there now to serve more than three million homes. But during the day, especially in the spring, demand is low and generation is high. So, that clean power has to be sent elsewhere. Right now, its going across state lines to Arizona. Continue Reading →

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CO Oil and Gas Industry Raises $6 Million To Fight Ballot Measures

An example of a billboard sponsored by the oil and gas industry-backed Protect Colorado.

A political organization created to fight anti-oil and gas ballot measures in Colorado has raised more than $6 million dollars in the first quarter of 2016. It shows an industry preparing for a potential battle this fall against a much less well-funded foe. Meanwhile, supporters of four ballot measures seeking to restrict drilling are gathering signatures across the state and have raised just tens of thousands of dollars. Continue Reading →

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Pacific Northwest Coal Terminal Nixed

The Crow Reservation in south-central Montana may be the site of a new coal mine. The Little Bighorn River and the battlefield that bears its name are both located on the Crow reservation.

In another blow to the U.S. coal industry, the Army Corps of Engineers on Monday denied approval for a new coal terminal in the Pacific Northwest. The Gateway Pacific Terminal would have doubled total U.S. coal export capacity and would have been the largest export terminal in the country. Continue Reading →

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High Utility Costs Force Hard Decisions For The Poor

Lea Anne Shellberg in her home in Fort Collins, Colorado. A single mother who is disabled because of a work injury, Shellberg often struggles to pay her utilities on her fixed income.

The poorest among us pay more than they can afford for their power bills.
Economists call it an “affordability gap” when a household spends more than 6 percent of annual income on utilities. Many low-income households pay a much higher percentage. That means energy bills force hard decisions in other areas. Continue Reading →

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Promises, Promises: Economists Weigh In On Energy Policy Proposals

Leigh Paterson questions panelists at a live Inside Energy event in Laramie.

It’s election season, which means politicians are busy promising lots of things, including lots when it comes to energy. Hillary Clinton has pledged to give $30 billion to coal communities if elected; Donald Trump has promised energy independence. We wondered, if these policies actually came to pass, what would the world look like? Are they good ideas or bad ideas? Continue Reading →

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