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Oil Engineering Boom: Plenty Of Students, Not Enough Teachers

Colorado School of Mines petroleum engineering professor Carrie McClelland helps one of her smaller seminar classes work through a group project.

The country needs trained petroleum engineers, and students are flooding into mining schools and tech programs around the country looking for a way to cash in on the nation’s energy boom. The trouble is those high paying jobs are also luring would-be teachers and even current teachers away from academia and into the oil fields. Continue Reading →

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Millions Of Tons Oil And Gas Waste: Hazardous Or Not?

Lyn Janssen in her garage posing with her anti-waste pit posters

The United States is on the verge of becoming the world’s top producer of oil – that’s according to the International Energy Agency. But the oil boom is also leading to a boom in toxic oil field waste that can end up in open pit disposal sites. There are increasing concerns over the dangers these disposal sites pose for air quality. Continue Reading →

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