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IE Questions: Why Is My Phone Hot?


Your phone is supposed to be a phone, not a hand-warmer. So why does it, at times, feel like it could barbeque your palm? The components in your phone or tablet – the screen (which it’s easy to forget is actually powered by a tiny light bulb), the GPS, the camera, the processor – draw electricity from the battery. When they do so, they aren’t completely efficient: They always waste some energy, which is released in the form of heat. By measuring how hot your phone gets, you could figure out how inefficient its electronics are. Continue Reading →

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Slaying The Debt Monster: Finances Of 10 Oil And Gas Companies In Colorado

Understanding how debt plays into the web of a company's finances was a beast - nay, a monster. We faced the Debt Monster with only 10-Ks to protect us.

We wanted to find out if the increasing debt load of many oil companies is making them more vulnerable to sliding oil prices. Understanding how debt plays into the web of a company's finances was a beast - nay, a monster - we faced with only financial documents to protect us. Continue Reading →

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‘Who Owns Oil And Gas?’ Discussed On Colorado State Of Mind


Inside Energy Reporters Dan Boyce and Jordan Wirfs-Brock appeared on the Rocky Mountain PBS program "Colorado State of Mind" to discuss their analysis of Dan's Roth IRA as a microcosm of Americans' retirement investments in the oil and gas industry. Continue Reading →

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Do It Yourself: 9 Steps To Deconstruct Your Oil And Gas Investments


For most people, oil and gas investments represent between 5 and 10 percent of their retirement. But every fund is different, and its investment blend is changing constantly. Here’s how to dig into your retirement account to find out which oil and gas companies are getting your money and how much they are getting. Continue Reading →

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