For each issue, panelists gave and defended their votes, then the audience weighed in with a voice vote to round out the consensus vote.

Spark! Unpacking The Politics Of Energy In Colorado

On Thursday night, Inside Energy gathered some great minds at the Colorado School of Mines for a discussion on energy and politics. A part of our ongoing Spark! series, we learned a lot that evening about Colorado’s past entanglements with energy and policy, and how the experts felt about current energy policies.

What Do You Want To Know About The Latest Energy News?

Coal, earthquakes and electric vehicles have been big news in recent days. These headlines raise as many questions as they answer. Here’s a quick recap of the last week’s most interesting energy stories, and we want to know: what questions do they raise for you? Wyoming Coal Cuts Jobs
The U.S.’s two largest coal mines are each laying off 15 percent of their employees in Wyoming. In the announcement last week, Peabody Energy and Arch Coal said that low natural gas prices, a warm winter season and environmental regulations forced the layoffs, which will affect more than 450 people.