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Managing Sage Grouse: Portraits Of Conservation And Industry

Once thought to number in the millions, greater sage grouse numbers have dwindled across the west due to loss of critical sage brush habitat. This piece profiles some of the stakeholders trying to protect the sage grouse while allowing for the region's traditional industries. Continue Reading →

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IE Questions: What Is Spark!?


Wait, don’t you mean, “What is a spark?” We really just mean, Spark! As the Inside Energy project rounds the corner on its one-year anniversary, we figured it was about time for us to come out from behind your radio and your computer screen, and meet you live in person. This week our team launched a community event series called Spark! with the mission of revealing why energy is something you should care about - even if you aren’t in the energy industry. Continue Reading →

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Increasing Hydropower Hits A Bipartisan Sweet Spot

If a generator were installed at the outlet of Button Rock Dam, it could power 500 homes.

Energy will be a key issue for the new Congress, and hydropower is one of the few areas of agreement between Democrats and Republicans. Legislative changes have made it easier to develop small-scale hydroelectric projects and both parties find it advantageous. Inside Energy reporter Dan Boyce has been reporting on the potential for common ground on hydro, and this time presents the issue on the PBS Newshour: Continue Reading →

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