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Colorado Pushes Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

To push more electric vehicle sales in Colorado, the state is offering a large tax rebate to buyers -- up to $6,000. Photo by Brian Malone/Inside Energy

Video by Brian Malone/Inside Energy. Colorado is offering tax credits for those buying electric cars. The state's program is one of the highest offers in the country -- up to $6,000 back on your state taxes. It's one way the state is hoping to reduce its carbon footprint. And so far, it seems to be working. Continue Reading →

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“When the snow’s blowing, we go to work”: The Linemen Who Keep Your Lights On

On a blustery March morning, an Xcel lineman crew in Denver, Colorado replaces an old transformer. Photo by Brian Malone/Inside Energy

Whether your state gets its energy from coal or wind power, someone has to maintain the miles of power lines that deliver electricity to your home. One of those people is Kevin Hinrichs, a lineman with Xcel Energy in Colorado. He's repaired lines in snowstorms and heat waves -- even under gunfire. Continue Reading →

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Watch the Documentary ‘Feasting on Fuel’

Feasting on Fuel FINAL

How much energy did it take to make your dinner? From growing lettuce to grilling your steak, it takes a lot of fossil fuels to get food from the farm to our tables. Inside Energy and Harvest Public Media investigated where all that energy goes, and how farmers, food processors and grocers are trying to cut down on their fossil fuel use. Continue Reading →

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