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Lost In Transmission: How Much Electricity Disappears Between A Power Plant And Your Plug?

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How much energy is lost along the way as electricity travels from a power plant to the plug in your home? This question comes from Jim Barlow, a Wyoming architect, through our IE Questions project. To find the answer, we need to break it out step by step: first turning raw materials into electricity, next moving that electricity to your neighborhood, and finally sending that electricity through the walls of your home to your outlet. Continue Reading →

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Coal Country Fights Proposed Royalty Hike

A sign hanging at the "Stop New Energy Taxes" rally.

The American public owns coal. About 40 percent of the coal mined in the U.S. comes from federal lands in states like Wyoming and Montana -- technically the property of the American people. Companies pay the government fees, called royalties, to mine coal from federal lands. But some say they don't pay enough, and that taxpayers are getting shortchanged by millions of dollars every year. The Department of the Interior has proposed new regulations that would require coal companies to pay more. Continue Reading →

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