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Coal Country Fights Proposed Royalty Hike

A sign hanging at the "Stop New Energy Taxes" rally.

The American public owns coal. About 40 percent of the coal mined in the U.S. comes from federal lands in states like Wyoming and Montana -- technically the property of the American people. Companies pay the government fees, called royalties, to mine coal from federal lands. But some say they don't pay enough, and that taxpayers are getting shortchanged by millions of dollars every year. The Department of the Interior has proposed new regulations that would require coal companies to pay more. Continue Reading →

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Military Marches Forward With Microgrids

North of Greeley, CO near the border of WY. Nearby the future site of the Niobrara Energy Park, The developer calls it "the world's largest planned microgrid."

The aging United States electricity grid is facing an increasing number of threats, ranging from severe weather events to solar flares to cyber terrorism. It’s something the U.S. military is taking seriously, helping lead the way in the development of smaller and more secure grids – known as microgrids. Continue Reading →

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Managing Sage Grouse: Portraits Of Conservation And Industry

Once thought to number in the millions, greater sage grouse numbers have dwindled across the west due to loss of critical sage brush habitat. This piece profiles some of the stakeholders trying to protect the sage grouse while allowing for the region's traditional industries. Continue Reading →

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