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Spark! Unpacking The Politics Of Energy In Colorado

For each issue, panelists gave and defended their votes, then the audience weighed in with a voice vote to round out the consensus vote.

On Thursday night, Inside Energy gathered some great minds at the Colorado School of Mines for a discussion on energy and politics. A part of our ongoing Spark! series, we learned a lot that evening about Colorado’s past entanglements with energy and policy, and how the experts felt about current energy policies. Continue Reading →

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Why Everyone In Colorado Is Fighting Over Your Signature

Chris Goodwin is being paid $13 an hour to collect signatures for two oil and gas related ballot initiatives.

In Colorado, the race is on to gather enough signatures to get two controversial oil and gas related initiatives onto the ballot by the August 8th deadline. Contributions to groups both for and against these measures have skyrocketed over the past few weeks. Campaigns on the ground are heating up. Continue Reading →

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Wineries Soak Up The Sun With More Solar Power

Wineries in upstate New York have started tapping into solar power. Photo by Innovation Trail/WXXI

Atop the roof of the wine press building at Lakewood Vineyards in New York is something that marked the beginning of change in the region. The 47-kilowatt solar energy system has been invaluable to the Watkins Glen winery, according to president and winemaker Chris Stamp. If he has his way, workers will install more panels once the building’s expansion is complete this summer. Continue Reading →

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