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Increasing Hydropower Hits A Bipartisan Sweet Spot

If a generator were installed at the outlet of Button Rock Dam, it could power 500 homes.

Energy will be a key issue for the new Congress, and hydropower is one of the few areas of agreement between Democrats and Republicans. Legislative changes have made it easier to develop small-scale hydroelectric projects and both parties find it advantageous. Inside Energy reporter Dan Boyce has been reporting on the potential for common ground on hydro, and this time presents the issue on the PBS Newshour: Continue Reading →

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Wyoming Fights Back Against Federal Plan To Cut Carbon Emissions

With the Republican’s sweep of November’s midterm elections, they now hold majorities in both the House and the Senate. With this newfound power, blocking or delaying the Environmental Protection Agency's controversial proposal to cut carbon emissions is high on their agenda. Wyoming lawmakers, in particular, will have influence over energy policy in Washington: Senator John Barrasso is chair of the Senate Republican Policy, Rep. Cynthia Lummis is chair of a brand new Interior Subcommittee charged with overseeing the EPA, and Sen. Enzi was named Chair of the Senate Budget Committee. Inside Energy's Leigh Paterson reports on what's a stake for American coal:

Check out Leigh's radio story for more on Wyoming's contentious relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency. Continue Reading →

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‘Who Owns Oil And Gas?’ Discussed On Colorado State Of Mind


Inside Energy Reporters Dan Boyce and Jordan Wirfs-Brock appeared on the Rocky Mountain PBS program "Colorado State of Mind" to discuss their analysis of Dan's Roth IRA as a microcosm of Americans' retirement investments in the oil and gas industry. Continue Reading →

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“STIM” Center Attempts To Lower Fracking Impact

Oil and gas companies are working on new techniques to lower their on the ground impact. They hope this will help the public feel more at ease as drilling continues to move closer to homes and communities. Inside Energy Reporter Dan Boyce examines one new strategy for consolidating fracking operations. Continue Reading →

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