Increasing Hydropower Hits A Bipartisan Sweet Spot

Energy will be a key issue for the new Congress, and hydropower is one of the few areas of agreement between Democrats and Republicans. Legislative changes have made it easier to develop small-scale hydroelectric projects and both parties find it advantageous. Inside Energy reporter Dan Boyce has been reporting on the potential for common ground on hydro, and this time presents the issue on the PBS Newshour:

Alisa Barba And Robin Young Discuss The Republican Congress And Keystone XL

With the new Congress convening today in Washington, the Inside Energy team has produced a series that examines how the 2015 GOP ascendency in the Senate may affect the country’s energy policy. Executive Editor of Inside Energy Alisa Barba recently joined Robin Young on Here and Now, where the series will air this week, to discuss what may be in store for energy in the Republican Congress.

Energy Efficiency May Be Bipartisan Winner

Despite being one of the few issues with wide support from Republicans and Democrats, as well as private industry, federal energy efficiency legislation has been stagnant. In the new GOP-controlled Congress, the time for energy efficiency policy might finally be near.

Who Cares About Keystone XL?

Republicans want to approve the Keystone XL pipeline as soon as they take control of the Senate in January. But the pipeline is less important to some oil companies than it used to be. So why do Republicans care so much about it?