• Leon E Lewis

    It’s disheartening that someone who presumably specializes in technical reporting didn’t know this
    earlier…and that finding out was a “mindblowing” experience. Strikes me as a major blow to Inside Energy credibility.

    • Dan Boyce

      Hey Leon, I’m the reporter who wrote up this post. Thanks for your feedback, we do take it seriously.

      Our goal at Inside Energy is to report on energy in a way that is approachable to everyone. There’s a lot of energy reporting out there, but much of it is far too wonky for energy non-experts to appreciate. That’s what we’re trying to change with our reporting.

      A lighthearted tongue-in-cheek post is meant to help inspire interest in a subject many people pass over.

      Yet again, we’re happy you took the time to write us. I trust you’ll see if you look through our body of work, we tackle heady complicated issues as well.

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