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Inside Energy

What is the state of energy reporting today?

Here are some things we’ve heard people say about energy reporting: It’s boring. It’s complicated. I feel like I need a PhD or several decades of work experience in the industry to understand it. It’s polarized and politicized. It doesn’t matter to me.

Well, we don’t think energy reporting has to be that way. In fact, we think energy is the most important topic of our time – so its imperative that energy information is accessible and engaging.

How is Inside Energy different?

Inside Energy brings energy reporting down to earth. We look at how energy is made, moved and used, by telling the stories of the people involved. We show you how energy is part of your daily life. And we answer the questions you’ve always had about energy but were afraid to ask.

What is Inside Energy’s approach?

We go deep into stories using investigative and data-driven techniques. And we pride ourselves as much in our storytelling as in our reporting. We bring you stories on complex topics that are clear, approachable, and yes, even fun.

CPB Logo_PressHow did the project start?

Inside Energy is a collaborative journalism initiative among public media with roots in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota and growing to include other states. We are funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Mission Statement

The mission of Inside Energy, in collaboration with its partner stations, is to create a more informed public on energy issues. We seek to make energy issues a household topic and to inspire community conversations on the topic of energy.  We strive to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of how energy is a part of every aspect of our modern life and how our choices in energy consumption impact the world around us.  To this end, Inside Energy uses data and investigative reporting techniques to produce intelligent and approachable stories on how we make energy, move energy and use energy; stories that meet the highest standards of public service in journalism.

We are honest and respectful in our reporting and storytelling and work to be balanced, independent and impartial.  Our reporting and research methods are transparent.  Our data analysis and sources are published and available alongside each of our investigative stories.  Inside Energy is accountable for all we produce.

Foundational and Ongoing Funding

Inside Energy was launched with a two-year, $1.4 million startup grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. IE pursues ongoing and sustaining partnership funding through individuals, foundations, corporations, businesses and organizations that share an interest in the national and local energy discussion.

The Inside Energy Team

Inside Energy is uniquely situated to lead important national energy conversations. The expertise of the Inside Energy newsroom includes an executive supervisor, an editorial leader, a project manager and a host of journalists, data specialists, broadcast talent and digital/social media professionals.

The public media organizations that comprise Inside Energy represent states that run the gamut of energy production and research in the U.S. These states produce or extract oil, gas, coal, wind, solar, geothermal and biofuels. They host examples of emerging, booming, mature and declining energy ecosystems. And they’re home to renowned research institutions, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Institute for Energy Research.

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Join Us: Become An Associate Partner

Inside Energy is growing and we’re seeking additional partners who would like to become part of a strong network of quality energy coverage across the country. We’re creating a central clearinghouse and repository for public media coverage of energy.

If you’d like to air our radio and TV news features and series, and augment your broadcast or website with our video content, please read our content sharing agreement and contact Executive Editor Alisa Barba, abarba@insideenergy.org. Ask Alisa about our free “evaluation phase,” during which IE content costs you nothing.