• Alyssa Marie Dickerson

    What is the source for this information? “Here’s how it will work: The enormous tax cut that lowers the rate to 5 percent disappears forever towards the end of this year. On January 1, 2016, the overall rate drops from 11.5 to 10 percent. And there’s a new trigger, one that raises the rate back up to 11 percent if the price of oil stays above $90 for three months in a row.”

  • Emily Guerin

    Hi Alyssa. That information came from hearings I attended at the North Dakota state legislature in April. The North Dakota Tax Commissioner’s office has more detail on the final version of the the oil and gas severance tax bill. You can contact them at 701.328.7088 or visit their website, http://www.nd.gov/tax/misc/faq/oilgas/.