February 4, 2016

Looking Into Coal’s Future

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Despite major shifts in the industry and serious worries in coal communities, today coal still supplies nearly 40% of our electricity. According to the Bureau of Land Management, one out of every five homes and business in the US use electricity made from Wyoming coal. But what does the future look like for fossil fuels in a world where there is increasing pressure to keep them in the ground? For regions that have historically been dependent on jobs and revenue from coal and oil extraction, innovation is key. Ideas like clean coal, carbon sequestration, carbon utilization are some of the potentially game-changing technologies aimed at saving an industry while reducing emissions. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson reports.

  • TechnoHistorian

    Kudos to Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs for encouraging this conversation with China on clean coal. We all need it, and they need it even more than we do–as evidenced by pollution problems in China. If we can help each other arrive at a solution, everyone wins!

    • greggoble

      “Clean Coal” is an oxymoron…

      Coal is as good as dead…

      Emergent LENR Energy guarentees this…