About The Project

Inside Energy

Inside Energy is a collaborative journalism initiative among public media with roots in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota and growing to include other states.

Inside Energy is distinctive multi-platform storytelling with a unique point of view: the spot where people and power intersect, and how that intersection impacts neighbors, communities, regions and the country at large.

Moving beyond polarized arguments and emotional debates, Inside Energy explores how energy is made, how energy moves across communities, and how energy is consumed - making, moving, using energy.

There are tradeoffs, opportunities and very human consequences of energy policy, production, use and innovation. Inside Energy explains the national, regional and local significance of energy issues with particular emphasis on where people and power intersect.

Foundational and Ongoing Funding

Inside Energy was launched with a two-year, $1.4 million startup grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. IE pursues ongoing and sustaining partnership funding through individuals, foundations, corporations, businesses and organizations that share an interest in the national and local energy discussion.

The Inside Energy Team

Inside Energy is uniquely situated to lead important national energy conversations.
The expertise of the Inside Energy newsroom includes an executive supervisor, an editorial leader, a project manager and a host of journalists, data specialists, broadcast talent and digital/social media professionals.

The public media organizations that comprise Inside Energy represent states that run the gamut of energy production and research in the U.S. These states produce or extract oil, gas, coal, wind, solar, geothermal and biofuels. They host examples of emerging, booming, mature and declining energy ecosystems. And they’re home to renowned research institutions, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Institute for Energy Research.

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Join Us: Become An Associate Partner

Inside Energy is growing and we're seeking additional partners who would like to become part of a strong network of quality energy coverage across the country. We're creating a central clearinghouse and repository for public media coverage of energy.

If you'd like to air our radio and TV news features and series, and augment your broadcast or website with our video content, please read our content sharing agreement and contact Executive Editor Alisa Barba, abarba@insideenergy.org. Ask Alisa about our free "evaluation phase," during which IE content costs you nothing.