• pramilla

    They’ll suggest everything except stopping the source of the problem and that is the use of fracked-gas. How ironic that a state with as much solar and wind capacity as CA chose to change its air pollution laws to allow for the development of a fracked gas power plant CPV Sentinel. Here’s the point gas fired power plants REQUIRE gas storage facilities as well as a plethora of other gas infrastructure facilities such as compressor stations and metering stations along with hundreds of miles of pipeline. EDF is wrong a very very conservative leakage rate for the fully life-cycle of fracked gas is 12%. This is more global warming impacts then all the cows in the US put togther. We must #ShutItAllDown and we must start with CPV Sentinel. If you allow gas-fired power plants you will necessitate storage facilities. No need for any brdiges we’re already on the other side. We have enough renewable technology today to power the entire world. What we lack is political will. We’ll get a clean energy sustainable future only when we as citizens begin to DEMAND it.

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