• Mike D

    “North Dakota has never experienced anything like the battle over the 1,200 mile Dakota Access Pipeline.”

    Well it might not have been North Dakota, but a bunch of Native Americans fought and died defending the sacred areas in the early 1870’s. There was a battle or two between the Natives and the US Army,and a massacre or two. The issues now are just continuations of the issues that were forced by the military back then.

    • Amy Sisk

      Hey Mike, I’m the reporter on this story. You bring up a relevant point. Often in covering the Dakota Access Pipeline protest the last few months, people talk to me about Wounded Knee or some of the other events in the links you referenced. And of course this week, riders on horseback arrived in Mankato, marking the anniversary of the US-Dakota War of 1862.

      Though these events are more recent, you may be interested in this story I did a few months ago looking at environmental challenges tribes are facing (and some they’ve faced for decades): http://insideenergy.org/2016/09/16/fight-feels-familiar-for-tribes-at-pipeline-protest/.