• soisay

    Rather than storing excess energy production, isn’t it easier to adjust consumption? Encourage/incent consumers to run dishwashers in midafternoon, changing from current overnight standard. Even charging EVs during the day could flatten the duck without expensive and inefficient storage.

    • Jordan Wirfs-Brock

      Hi Soisay. My name is Jordan and I’m the author of this post. Yes, you are right: One way of dealing with the duck is to manage demand. A report published in 2014 by Jim Lazar, “Teaching the Duck to Fly” (which you can download here, http://bit.ly/1DByb3j, or read a summary of here, http://bit.ly/1khGI0x) includes several strategies that deal with demand. Thanks for chiming in, and please let us know if you have other issues or questions you’d like to see us cover.

    • TedKidd

      Yup. And you can fix buildings so they aren’t so immediately affected by temperature, and can run on much smaller equipment changing the curve to look like this:

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  • Bobby Cox

    California and Green energy, green buildings, green material, solar panels and net metering,Hero Programs etc.
    It’s never been about the environment, has it? Someone has to show me one time in history where a subsidized state of any size – for any reason – has ever worked. But it’s only going to get worse for California, Colorado and other green congregants.
    It doesn’t matter whether you like him or not but the fact is – president Trump is axing the entire green gravy train. And he should because the lefts idea that America is to blame for the highly debatable climate change, must reduce its “carbon footprint” is preposterous.
    The same goes with solar panels. They weren’t ready. And what about the complaint about corporate greed? There is greed in this green energy, there IS NOT in the private sector; at least successful greedy that honest successful companies do business with. The private greedy business person is on full display in The Christmas Carol. Ebenezer plateaued and his life was miserable. But even more with the green team is their is vicious hate and edited story lines and squashed stories as well.
    The liberal media will not talk about set- backs and even greater- the liberal biased cockroaches will never publish green energy’s massive failures and bankruptcies.
    And one last thing. This is the United States of America and nobody should tell anybody when it when they should not run the dishwasher; it’s bad enough due to smart meters and two way conversation through with green grid servers – the local governments know exactly when and what time we do run each and every appliance in our homes.
    If a private company rolls out a Duck, they’re dead

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