• Nice introductory article. Hopefully following installments will cover Spinning Reserves, Heat Rates, Ramping Up & Down, and the all elusive VARs [Reactive Power], both leading and lagging with their influence on capacitance. Good luck, understanding VARs are like going on a “Snipe Hunt”, do they exist or don’t they, do they matter? 😀

    • Jordan Wirfs-Brock

      Hi Hans,

      My name is Jordan, one of the authors of this article. Thanks for your comment. Totally with you about this stuff being a snipe hunt at times. Our upcoming article is going to focus on the concept of frequency reserves, so your suggestion that we cover spinning reserves is a great one. Also, in our series on the future of the grid (http://grid.insideenergy.org), we’ll be addressing storage in a radio story later this summer. If you get a chance, we have a new tool for collecting audience questions about what you’d like to see us cover (http://ask.insideenergy.org) – feel free to add these and all of your questions about the grid (or any energy topic) there.


      • Hello Jordan,
        Thanks for the response and acceptability to topic coverage. Could you contact me directly please? hyde.hans@gmail.com Sorry, the Disqus platform is a tech barrier I’m working to overcome as I transition from a WordPress_dot_com site to a dot_org platform.

  • Sandra

    Hi Jordan, thanks for the article. Very useful. Please how can I access the follow up; “part two of our Inside Energy investigation into inertia and the electric grid.”, referenced in the write up? Thank you

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