Leigh Paterson

Leigh Paterson is a reporter for Inside Energy, based in Wyoming.

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Wyoming Wind Gridlock

A small Wyoming wind farm with 66 turbines.

Energy rich states produce billions of barrels of oil and gas but are also home to some of the best renewable resources in the country. Earlier this month, a massive wind farm got the green light from the state of Wyoming. If it gets federal approval, it could be come the biggest in the country. But for now, there is no way to transport the wind energy, and as yet, no confirmed buyers at the other end. Continue Reading →

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“Fracking” And Confusion Over Public Health Impacts

Fracking the Bakken Shale Formation in North Dakota.

The current oil and gas boom, fueled by a technique called hydraulic fracturing, has opened massive shale gas and oil formations in states like Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. But unlike past booms, this time drilling is bumping right up against communities and people are worried about the health impacts. Continue Reading →

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Sci-Fi Carbon Capture Technology Not Ready For Primetime

Small-scale demonstration of Cryogenic Carbon Capture.  August, 2013

Larry Baxter of Sustainable Energy Solutions, describes Cryogenic Carbon Capture as "the biggest, worst blizzard you've ever been in. CO2 flakes everywhere." He says this technology could help stop climate change but is is nowhere near to becoming part of our energy landscape. Continue Reading →

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