Leigh Paterson

Leigh Paterson is a reporter for Inside Energy, based in Wyoming.

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Powerplant Emissions Can Put The Fizz In Your Soda (And Maybe Much More)

Chemical engineering student Anthony Richard experiments with converting CO2 into Methanol.

No matter the intent of environmental agreements and regulations, the world will likely continue to burn coal for decades, especially in developing countries. So, is there a way to use the CO2 emissions instead of just sending them up the smokestack? Inside Energy's Leigh Paterson reports. Continue Reading →

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To Mine Or Not To Mine? Is That The Question?

A sign hanging at the "Stop New Energy Taxes" rally.

As part of a series of listening sessions held across the country, representatives from the Bureau of Land Management recently came to Gillette, Wyo., to meet with residents about the agency's federal coal program. The meeting quickly turned into an impassioned discussion about the future of the coal industry. Janice Schneider, with the Department of the Interior, said the agency was looking for comments on “how the Bureau of Land Management can best manage its coal resources." The other issue was whether or not the BLM should charge coal companies higher royalties for coal mined on federal land. Independent studies have found that coal companies may not be charged enough for federal coal. Continue Reading →

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