• oeva.org

    An increase in the gas tax is EXACTLY what’s needed. It will provide revenue that’s needed while encouraging people to use less gas. The tax needs to be adjusted for inflation biannually. This clause should have been in the original bill. Gas cars will be on the road for many many years, so to say it is a “dying tax” is a cop out. 99% of the cars on the road today use gas and it will be more than 50% for decades. As cars get more fuel efficient, then they use less gas and they can afford to pay more tax per gallon.

    • Dan Boyce

      Hi oeva.org, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the story. I was the reporter for it. We decided to take this approach to the story because it reflects how the Colorado Department of Transportation is thinking long-term. Plus, there are many stories out there about raising the gas tax, but very few that address the issues we put forward in this piece.

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