Have A Question About Energy And Food? We Want To Hear It! #eatyourfuel


Jordan Wirfs-Brock/Inside Energy

Feast season is right around the corner, and dreams of pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce have us wondering: What do you want to know about the way energy impacts your food?


Jordan Wirfs-Brock / Inside Energy

Food is energy, and energy is food. What’s the going exchange rate?

Food is energy – The calories in a single piece of candy corn could power your cell phone for a day. And if you wanted to eat the same amount of calories as your monthly electricity bill, you’d need to gobble down a stick of butter every 41 minutes. What do you want to know about the energy embedded in the food you eat every day?

Energy is food – Our modern food system is basically a giant machine that turns fossil fuels into food. How much energy does it take to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table? What uses more energy, growing a sweet potato or transporting it from the farm to the grocery store?

We know you have great questions about energy and food – submit them below. We’ll put the questions to a reader vote and the Inside Energy team will investigate the winning question. [tweetable alt=”Have a question about the food-energy connection? Submit it @InsideEnergyNow. #eatyourfuel”] #eatyourfuel [/tweetable]