Hickenlooper Scraps Plans For Executive Order To Cut Power Plant Emissions


U.S. Department of Agriculture

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Each week, Inside Energy joins our partner radio station, KUVO, for a discussion about the big energy stories we’re watching. This week, while Democratic governors across the country are stepping up on cutting emissions, Colorado’s John Hickenlooper is stepping back. Ben Storrow, a reporter with E&E News, joined KUVO to discuss his recent article on Hickenlooper’s latest moves.

Last year, Hickenlooper discussed taking executive action in Colorado to reduce emissions from the power sector. This came at a time when state legislators were fighting over whether to begin preparing for the federal Clean Power Plan even as it faced legal challenges, and indicated that Hickenlooper was committed to reducing emissions. Now, with the Clean Power Plan most likely doomed, Hickenlooper has decided not to pursue that executive action.

This breaks the trend. “The response from other democratic governors around the country has been a rebellious one,” said Storrow. For example, New York’s governor has talked about restructuring incentives for power utilities to favor energy efficiency. And California’s governor even mentioned the possibility of the state funding its own satellites to collect climate data.

As states look to develop their own strategies for tackling emissions, what will happen in Colorado? Inside Energy will be watching.

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