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New Study Of Air Toxics At Colorado Oil And Gas Sites


Researchers at Colorado State University have released the results of a nearly $2 million dollar study measuring oil and gas emissions on the state’s Western Slope. Data from this study could contribute to our understanding of the health impacts of the oil and gas industry.
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CO Oil and Gas Industry Raises $6 Million To Fight Ballot Measures

An example of a billboard sponsored by the oil and gas industry-backed Protect Colorado.

A political organization created to fight anti-oil and gas ballot measures in Colorado has raised more than $6 million dollars in the first quarter of 2016. It shows an industry preparing for a potential battle this fall against a much less well-funded foe. Meanwhile, supporters of four ballot measures seeking to restrict drilling are gathering signatures across the state and have raised just tens of thousands of dollars. Continue Reading →

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High Utility Costs Force Hard Decisions For The Poor

Lea Anne Shellberg in her home in Fort Collins, Colorado. A single mother who is disabled because of a work injury, Shellberg often struggles to pay her utilities on her fixed income.

The poorest among us pay more than they can afford for their power bills.
Economists call it an “affordability gap” when a household spends more than 6 percent of annual income on utilities. Many low-income households pay a much higher percentage. That means energy bills force hard decisions in other areas. Continue Reading →

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Wind Turbine Technician: The Country’s Fastest Growing Profession


Picture the wind turbine technician, a worker with a hard hat and climbing harness perched atop a tall white tower, making sure those power-generating blades are spinning just right. That job is the fastest growing profession in the country right now. Continue Reading →

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Four Insights From The New Director Of NREL

Martin Keller took over as Director of the National Renewable Energy Lab at the end of last November

The cost of wind and solar power have fallen dramatically in recent years.
Still, renewables only account for a fraction of the energy produced in the United States. One person confronting this issue sits in an office in Golden, Colorado.
His name is Martin Keller and he is the new boss at the National Renewable Energy Lab.
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Chesapeake Energy’s Downfall Is Another Oil Company’s Gain

Former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, Aubrey McClendon was killed in an automobile accident March 2nd, a day after being indicted on corruption charges

The US oil and gas industry was shocked by the sudden death of one of its most influential executives. Aubrey McClendon was killed after driving his SUV into a concrete embankment, a day after being indicted on bid rigging and price fixing charges. We explore whether Chesapeake’s cautionary tale contains glimmers of hope. Continue Reading →

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