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Jordan Wirfs-Brock is Inside Energy's data journalist.

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IE Questions: What Is Spark!?


Wait, don’t you mean, “What is a spark?” We really just mean, Spark! As the Inside Energy project rounds the corner on its one-year anniversary, we figured it was about time for us to come out from behind your radio and your computer screen, and meet you live in person. This week our team launched a community event series called Spark! with the mission of revealing why energy is something you should care about - even if you aren’t in the energy industry. Continue Reading →

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Californians Who Conserved Wonder if State Can Overcome Those Who Didn’t

The New York Times | The drought in the West is real, here to stay, and can no longer be ignored. This week, California Governor Jerry Brown’s announced executive action outlining mandatory reductions in water use aimed at cutting consumption 25 percent from 2013 levels over the next year. Here’s a round-up of some of the best reads on this big news. Continue Reading →

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IE Questions: Why Is My Phone Hot?


Your phone is supposed to be a phone, not a hand-warmer. So why does it, at times, feel like it could barbeque your palm? The components in your phone or tablet – the screen (which it’s easy to forget is actually powered by a tiny light bulb), the GPS, the camera, the processor – draw electricity from the battery. When they do so, they aren’t completely efficient: They always waste some energy, which is released in the form of heat. By measuring how hot your phone gets, you could figure out how inefficient its electronics are. Continue Reading →

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