After Home Explosion, Who Wants To Live On Twilight Ave?

A home went up in flames in April on Twilight Avenue north of Denver, killing two people. Now, the investigation into what happened is underway, clean-up is ongoing, lawsuits are being filed and people who live in that small community are worried- not only about their safety but about the value of their homes. The explosion was caused by a small pipeline leaking gas into the home, owned by oil and gas giant Anadarko.

Wyoming School Shuttered by Gas Leak Ready to Reopen

There’s growing concern in many states about the proximity of homes and occupied buildings to active oil and gas wells. This comes after a fatal explosion in Colorado in April killed two people and was traced to an abandoned, unsealed gas line. But old wells can be a problem too. In Wyoming last year, a gas leak from an abandoned well forced a small-town school to shut down. Now it’s preparing to reopen.