Energy Job Corps Focus On Safety

Wyoming is set to get its first Department of Labor-funded Job Corps center in 2015. It is the first one in the country that will specialize in energy, with an emphasis on oil and gas production. Leigh Paterson examines the need behind this project.

2013 Oil And Gas Worker Fatality Numbers Show Texas And North Dakota Most Deadly

In 2013, 11 oil and gas workers in North Dakota died from a job-related injury, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Texas had 50 reported oil and gas worker fatalities in 2013, the most of any state. But Texas has roughly ten times more oil and gas workers than North Dakota. Nationwide, 112 oil and gas workers died in 2013, down from 142 the year before. The oil and gas industry, amid safety improvements, is still six times more dangerous than the average American job.

Wrangling Workplace Fatality Numbers: Data Woes And Wins

Workplace fatality data, specifically the data that goes into calculating workplace fatality rates, is quite possibly the most unruly data Inside Energy has wrangled yet. Not because it’s hard, but because it’s nearly impossible to capture the full story of how dangerous the oil and gas industry is at a local level. Here are some of the biggest challenges involved in analyzing workplace fatality data.