North Dakota officials say the days of freely-emitting carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants are over, and the future is a low-carbon one. This idea is not always popular with North Dakotans who work in the coal industry. Pictured here, a man wears a "Legalize Coal" T-shirt to a North Dakota Department of Health meeting about the Clean Power Plan in Beulah, North Dakota, on November 12, 2015. Beulah is in the heart of coal country in North Dakota.

North Dakota Officials Accept A Low Carbon Future, But Not On EPA’s Terms

North Dakota is feeling the heat from the federal Clean Power Plan, which targets carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Under the final version of the plan, the state will have to cut its emissions by 45 percent – more any other state except Montana. Officials say it’s unfair and illegal, so they’re suing to overturn the rule. But they’re also working on a plan to comply.