Emily Guerin

Emily Guerin is the Inside Energy reporter for North Dakota.

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“Senseless Exposures”: How Money and Federal Rules Endanger Oilfield Workers

Truck driver Ryan Ehlis checks his tires before heading out for a night of hauling crude oil around the Bakken oilfield. Ehlis says being exposed to petroleum gas is an unavoidable part of his job.

Every day, thousands of oilfield workers are exposed to deadly petroleum gases — despite the fact that safer technologies exist that could protect them. Inside Energy investigates how federal regulations and financial incentives combine to put workers at risk. Continue Reading →

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North Dakota Officials Accept A Low Carbon Future, But Not On EPA’s Terms

North Dakota officials say the days of freely-emitting carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants are over, and the future is a low-carbon one. This idea is not always popular with North Dakotans who work in the coal industry. Pictured here, a man wears a "Legalize Coal" T-shirt to a North Dakota Department of Health meeting about the Clean Power Plan in Beulah, North Dakota, on November 12, 2015. Beulah is in the heart of coal country in North Dakota.

North Dakota is feeling the heat from the federal Clean Power Plan, which targets carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Under the final version of the plan, the state will have to cut its emissions by 45 percent – more any other state except Montana. Officials say it’s unfair and illegal, so they’re suing to overturn the rule. But they’re also working on a plan to comply. Continue Reading →

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Oil and Gas Development Dims Starry Skies

A pumpjack works throughout the night, bathed in the light from flares and electric lights on oil well pads near Watford City, North Dakota, which also illuminate low-hanging clouds.

Oil and gas development involves a lot of bright lights: from flares to drilling rigs to new housing for workers. That’s a concern for star gazers, who have documented an increase in light pollution in oilfields in North Dakota and West Texas. Hear how an observatory in Texas an a national park in North Dakota are trying to tackle the oilfield light pollution problem. Continue Reading →

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