IE Questions: Fossil Fuel Primer

“Fossil fuel” is not exactly an obscure term. Most people have the basic understanding that fossil fuels–coal, oil and natural gas–were formed from the buried remains of ancient plants and animals, submerged under heat and pressure for hundreds of millions of years. But, just because they’re formed by the same process, doesn’t mean they are all one and the same.

IE Questions: What Is Peak Oil? (Part 1)

Remember 2005? In the middle of a Bush presidency, Terri Schiavo and her feeding tube captured national attention, Lance Armstrong was still winning Tour de France titles, and Arianna Huffington launched a new website. Perhaps it was the shock of Hurricane Katrina, or the post-Y2K lull, but we needed of a new apocalyptic obsession and we found one in peak oil. Public interest in peak oil – as judged by Google searches, at least – peaked in August 2005 and coincided with Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, we were experiencing peak “peak oil.”