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Coal Country Celebrates Clean Power Plan Hold

The smokestacks at the Comanche power plant in Pueblo, CO.

A surprise Supreme Court decision this week has thrown the Obama administration’s climate change legacy into doubt. The Clean Power Plan is the administration’s main avenue for reducing carbon emissions. It targets power plants, the largest source of carbon emissions in the country. Wyoming, North Dakota and Colorado are all suing to have the rule overturned and the injunction has given them new hope that might actually happen. Continue Reading →

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Living On Top Of Forgotten Oil And Gas Wells

In the same Fort Collins neighborhood as this  active oil and gas well, there are supposedly several abandoned oil and gas wells that Inside Energy could not locate.

In many parts of the West, areas that are now houses and schools and shopping centers were once oil and gas fields. There's little in the way of a visible legacy, but hidden underground, there are hundreds of thousands of abandoned wells. An Inside Energy investigation has discovered that in many communities, new development is happening on top of those old wells. Continue Reading →

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In Latest Move On Climate, Obama Administration Halts Coal Leasing

A haul truck at Alpha Natural Resources' Eagle Butte coal mine. Alpha recently declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The federal government has temporarily halted coal leasing on public lands while it reviews its coal program. Forty percent of the coal mined in the United States comes from publicly-owned minerals beneath federal land, mostly in Wyoming. The government review will address whether taxpayers are getting a fair return on that coal, as well as how to square the coal program with the country’s new climate goals. Continue Reading →

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The Four Steps Of Climate Change Denial

The "Seine" meeting hall at the Paris climate summit.

This month, global leaders are gathered in Paris to make a plan to combat climate change. There is broad scientific consensus that climate change is real, serious and caused by humans—but political consensus in this country has been elusive, often clouded by doubt. Is there a pattern to climate change denial? Continue Reading →

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Fuel: It’s What’s For Dinner

Chard grows in vertical racks under LEDs at the Bright Agrotech warehouse in Laramie.

Up to a fifth of our nation’s total energy use goes into growing, transporting, processing and eventually preparing our food, but those energy inputs are often hidden. In this first story in the Inside Energy and Harvest Public Media collaboration Feasting on Fuel, we look at one place they're not. Continue Reading →

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Overburden Weighs On Wyoming Coal Producers

Cloud Peak Energy moved a dragline from its Cordero Rojo coal mine to its Antelope mine to address the issue of needing to move more dirt to get at the coal seams.

How much coal does a Wyoming coal miner mine? Quite a bit less than he used to, it turns out. Regulations have received most of the blame for coal’s current downturn but that’s not the whole story; it’s also getting more expensive to mine in the nation’s largest coal producing state. Continue Reading →

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Oil Crash Raises New Fears About Abandoned Wells

An abandoned coal bed methane well sits in a pool of water on the outskirts of Gillette, Wyoming.

In Wyoming, the bust of the coal bed methane industry has left the state responsible for plugging thousands of wells, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. Now, with both oil and natural gas prices in a slump, some are asking whether history is bound to repeat itself.
Continue Reading →

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