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Wyoming Considers Raising Nation’s Only Wind Tax

Viridis Eolia, a Venezuelan company, is looking to develop a $3.2 billion wind farm in the Shirley Basin of Wyoming.

Legislators see the increase as a way to raise revenues in the face of a massive budget shortfall due to a drop in coal, oil and gas production. But wind developers say it’s a dangerous gamble for a state that has some of the best wind power potential in the nation. Continue Reading →

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Tribes Prevail In North Dakota Pipeline Fight—For Now

A protest at North Dakota state capitol against the Dakota Access Pipeline on September 7, 2016.

Construction on key parts of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline is on hold after the federal government stepped in Friday. The decision is a victory for the thousands of people who have gathered in North Dakota in recent weeks to protest the $3.7 billion pipeline. Continue Reading →

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University of Wyoming’s Utility Bill Climbs As Budget Falls

University of Wyoming deputy director of utilities Forrest Selmer explains how the various systems at the Central Energy Plant work.

In fiscal year 2016, the University of Wyoming’s utility bill was $10.8 million—almost $2 million more than fiscal year 2015. Next year, as new buildings under construction come online, that bill is likely to increase, even as the University faces $41 million in budget cuts. That means there may be hard choices ahead—keep the lights on, or keep people employed. Continue Reading →

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Coal Companies Have Mined An Area The Size Of NYC, Now They Have To Clean It Up

coal mine sat 2

Glance at a satellite image of northeast Wyoming, and you can’t miss the coal mines. Even zoomed out, the square-cornered grey blotches stand out—stretching north to south over more than 70 miles. But if all goes according to plan, someday, when the mining is done, those scars will disappear, erased from the landscape by intensive reclamation efforts. Coal companies are on the hook for that cleanup, but the industry’s recent collapse has raised questions about whether they will actually be able to meet those obligations. Continue Reading →

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Mysterious Gas Leak In A Town Surrounded By Wells

A pumpjack near Rozet, WY. April 12th, 2015.

The search is continuing for the source of a gas leak that shut down the school in Midwest, Wyoming at the end of May. An Inside Energy analysis of the state oil and gas database shows there are more than 700 active and abandoned wells in a one mile radius around the Midwest school. Continue Reading →

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Do We Need Coal To Keep The Lights On?

The Wyodak power plant, on the outskirts of Gillette, Wyoming.

Conventional wisdom has it that without baseload power—coal and nuclear plants running in the background at all times—the grid will become unreliable. After all, how could wind and solar keep the lights on when they are so inherently variable? But now, a growing number of people are challenging that idea. In this interview, Jesse Morris, with the Rocky Mountain Institute, argues baseload power isn’t necessary. Continue Reading →

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Tech Giants Pressure States On Renewable Energy


Some of the world’s biggest data companies—Google, Microsoft and Facebook—have joined a new coalition that is pushing for easier access to renewable energy. Through that push, they are trying to change the nation’s energy landscape— even in states that haven’t fully embraced that change. Continue Reading →

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