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From ‘Fiscal Apocalypse’ To ‘Meh’ : Oil States Respond To Price Slide

Wyoming's State Capitol

Budgets of oil states are going to be hard hit by the recent slide in oil prices. Measured in dollars, Texas is the clear loser, but in terms of actual on-the-ground impacts, it’s not quite so simple. In the country’s number two oil producing state, North Dakota, falling prices have barely caused a ripple, while in Alaska (ranked fourth), lawmakers are calling it a “fiscal apocalypse.” Continue Reading →

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The Boom: Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain

Jim Willox, chair of the Converse County Commission, doesn't like the word "boom" to describe the energy development happening in eastern Wyoming. Here, he shows off a map of oil rigs operating in Converse County.

The United States has been experiencing an oil and gas boom for the last five years. It has helped the country’s economic recovery and created thousands of jobs for people in states like North Dakota, Wyoming and Texas. But although booms are often heralded for the economic opportunities they provide, they also have a darker side. Continue Reading →

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The Bust: A Difficult Cycle To Break

Oil prices have been in freefall in recent months, dropping by more than half since June. For energy states, that’s bad news. The American West has a long tradition of booms and busts, and in some states, like North Dakota and Wyoming, they continue to be a defining feature of the economy. But do they have to be? Continue Reading →

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Relationships 102: Avoiding Fracking Furor In Wyoming

Barry Bruns lives just outside of Cheyenne, in a subdivision where drilling is possible in the future.

So far, Wyoming has largely managed to avoid the tensions over oil and gas development that have cropped up in other states. It’s not hard to imagine that it’s just a matter of time though, as companies have filed for hundreds of drilling permits in recent months in the vicinity of the state’s largest city, Cheyenne. Continue Reading →

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Relationships 101: Oil And Gas Looks For A Social License To Operate

A pump jack sits in front of a house in northern Colorado. An drilling rig sits behind it.

Conflict over oil and gas drilling has escalated across the country in recent years, resulting in protests and bans from New York to Texas. The industry recognizes it has a problem, but it divided over how to approach it. Now, some companies are borrowing an idea from the international mining sector, called social license to operate. Continue Reading →

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