Boom! Bust!

High Country News | From coal in Wheatland, Wyoming in 1977, to uranium in Grants, New Mexico in 1985, to natural gas in Rifle, Colorado in 2008, HCN’s coverage documents the “spasmodic economic history” of Western energy.

The Boom: Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain

The United States has been experiencing an oil and gas boom for the last five years. It has helped the country’s economic recovery and created thousands of jobs for people in states like North Dakota, Wyoming and Texas. But although booms are often heralded for the economic opportunities they provide, they also have a darker side.

Chasing The Oilfield Boom With Family In Tow

Think of oil and gas towns and family-oriented probably doesn’t come to mind. They’re more likely to conjured images of transient workers, crime and RV parks. But plenty of oilfield workers do move to town with their families