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Fracking And Survival In A West Texas Oil Field

A frack operation in the Permian Basin of Texas, the nation's highest-producing oilfield. The Basin was once the floor of an ancient seabed that today is laden with hydrocarbons.

The massive fall in the price of crude oil means hundreds of thousands of people are no longer working in the energy business and many small and mid-level energy companies are in a footrace against bankruptcy. While many oil fields have a seen oil production fall, the Permian Basin of west Texas, the nation's highest-producing oilfield, is still increasing production. Continue Reading →

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Wind Turbine Technician: The Country’s Fastest Growing Profession


Picture the wind turbine technician, a worker with a hard hat and climbing harness perched atop a tall white tower, making sure those power-generating blades are spinning just right. That job is the fastest growing profession in the country right now. Continue Reading →

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