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As Traffic Accidents Spike In Boom Areas, Towns Struggle To React

Highway 59 traffic going through Bill, WY.

If you ever take Wyoming Highway 59 between Douglas and Gillette, you might have noticed that recently there are more state troopers giving out more citations. In addition to this increased police presence, Governor Matt Mead has proposed nearly 22 million dollars in safety upgrades. Why? Because as Leigh Paterson previously reported, accidents on this section of Highway 59 have nearly doubled since 2010, largely due to the spike in traffic related to energy development. Listen to learn how lawmakers are (just now) taking action:

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Renewable Storage Is Key

In 2020, when 33% of California's electricity is supposed to come from renewable sources, the net load curve will look like a duck.

As we talk about the future of renewable energy, there's one aspect that should be at the forefront of the conversation: storage. We've already figured out how to capture wind and solar energy, but it's equally important to figure out the best way to store this energy and use it when it's needed. Continue Reading →

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