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IE Questions: Why Is My Phone Hot?


Your phone is supposed to be a phone, not a hand-warmer. So why does it, at times, feel like it could barbeque your palm? The components in your phone or tablet – the screen (which it’s easy to forget is actually powered by a tiny light bulb), the GPS, the camera, the processor – draw electricity from the battery. When they do so, they aren’t completely efficient: They always waste some energy, which is released in the form of heat. By measuring how hot your phone gets, you could figure out how inefficient its electronics are. Continue Reading →

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From ‘Fiscal Apocalypse’ To ‘Meh’ : Oil States Respond To Price Slide

Wyoming's State Capitol

Budgets of oil states are going to be hard hit by the recent slide in oil prices. Measured in dollars, Texas is the clear loser, but in terms of actual on-the-ground impacts, it’s not quite so simple. In the country’s number two oil producing state, North Dakota, falling prices have barely caused a ripple, while in Alaska (ranked fourth), lawmakers are calling it a “fiscal apocalypse.” Continue Reading →

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IE Questions: How Much Electricity Do Our Holiday Decorations Use?

The annual holiday light display at Denver's City & County Building

'Tis the season to wrap your home in holiday spirit, blanket your trees with sparkling lights and litter your lawn with whimsical animals. But how much electricity do these decorations use, and how much are they costing us? Inside Energy finds the answer. Continue Reading →

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