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Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Your Future Electricity Bill

parking prices

Historically, electricity pricing has been relatively straightforward: the more you use, the more you pay. But today, that simple equation is not so simple. Increasingly, the time of day when you use electricity factors into the cost as well. Continue Reading →

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Solar Wars: Big Utilities Versus Rooftop Power Generation

Nationally, the residential solar company is booming but if Nevada sets a precedent, that could affect more homes like this one in Scottsdale from installing panels.

It may be lights out for the solar industry in Nevada. That state is hemorrhaging jobs after a controversial decision in December to raise rates for customers with rooftop solar panels. The move has jarred the solar industry nationwide, especially in other southwestern states like Arizona. Continue Reading →

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Powerplant Emissions Can Put The Fizz In Your Soda (And Maybe Much More)

Chemical engineering student Anthony Richard experiments with converting CO2 into Methanol.

No matter the intent of environmental agreements and regulations, the world will likely continue to burn coal for decades, especially in developing countries. So, is there a way to use the CO2 emissions instead of just sending them up the smokestack? Inside Energy's Leigh Paterson reports. Continue Reading →

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