Coal State Considers Carbon Future Under Trump

The Obama administration imposed strict carbon emissions limits on states. But that rule’s likely to be undone when Donald Trump assumes the presidency. So states like North Dakota are wondering what’s next for emissions, and moving forward with plans of their own.

Low-Carbon Equals Low-Pollution

It’s not exactly news that many scientists agree that switching to low-carbon technologies to produce energy would help reduce pollution. But as we consider these technologies, questions arise regarding the cost of building new plants, the materials necessary and whether they would cause other types of pollution. A study, released this week in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences journal, set out to answer these questions and arrived at a simple conclusion: taking all these factors into consideration, low-carbon technologies are still the answer to a greener planet.

IE Questions: Fossil Fuel Primer

“Fossil fuel” is not exactly an obscure term. Most people have the basic understanding that fossil fuels–coal, oil and natural gas–were formed from the buried remains of ancient plants and animals, submerged under heat and pressure for hundreds of millions of years. But, just because they’re formed by the same process, doesn’t mean they are all one and the same.